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Chemical & Physical Damp Proof Course

The term Rising Dampness’ is used to describe the vertical movement of moisture through masonry that has no physical barrier to dampness and that is standing in water or damp spoil.

As the problem continues it will worsen over time and signs of rising damp will become evident, such as:

  • White tide marks appearing on a wall up to a height of around 1 metre.
  • Crumbling plaster
  • Other issues including wood boring beetle infestation and timber decays are more likely to occur as surrounding timbers become saturated.

Rising damp will typically occur due to:

  • No damp proof course (DPC)
  • Deterioration and failure of an existing DPC over time
  • Changes to internal or external ground levels meaning the otherwise effective DPC becomes bridged. (e.g. a new path or solid floor being laid)
  • Wall plaster being in contact with a damp solid floor and so bypassing the DPC.

There are instances where chemical damp courses are deemed inappropriate due to certain circumstances. Many properties are built with very thin walls or the construction of the wall may be badly deteriorated to the extent that a chemical damp course just will not work properly. In these instances, the installation of a physical damp course is the most practical action. Our company installs physical damp courses using the highest quality materials. This process is normally carried out on an “underpinning” basis i.e. Renew a section, leave a section, renew a section etc. so that the brickwork is always supported. The physical damp course is always lapped when installing the remaining sections, thus giving a completely moisture proof barrier whilst maintaining the stability of the wall.

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