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Independent Surveys & Salt Analysis


A DAMP SURVEY is non-intrusive. Your property will be investigated for penetrating damp, rising damp and areas of condensation. This will involve the use of an electronic moisture meter to take readings of all accessible wall sections of your home at both high and low level. Also whether the property has adequate ventilation. The ground levels will also be checked to evaluate whether or not the damp proof course (DPC) or the damp proof membrane (DPM) has been breached internally or externally.


A TIMBERS SURVEY will involve inspection of the various timbers throughout the property including subfloor and roof timbers (where accessible) for signs of infestation, decay, dry rot, wet rot and again whether or not your home has adequate ventilation.

Combine both of the above services with a FULL SURVEY.

SALTS ANALYSIS / ‘SPEEDY TESTING’/ ERH provide the next level of investigation, where Drill samples are taken and analysed. This services can be vital particularly where disputes occur and independent specialist advice is required.

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Independent Surveys

The company has been established for nearly 50 years and are members of the PCA. In instances where there is a dispute, normally regarding a guarantee claim, the company will carry out independent inspections including salts analysis. We have previously acted as independent surveyors for the PCA where a guarantee issuing company has ceased trading. For clients wishing to purchase a property our company always carry out professional inspections on a completely unbiased basis. Where “free” surveys are offered by others, someone must pay for the inspection or the company will often have to find works to carry out sometimes often unjustified. ??

By charging a small fee for a professional surveyor to carry out a full inspection then there is no necessity to recommend remedial works that cannot be justified. Our company has also represented local authorities in the high court in disputes.

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